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Ellenby - Run Away EP (Levelsound)
By Steve Rudd - THIS IS ULL

Ellenby are an exciting London-anchored duo, producing an intoxicating blend of Folk, Pop and Rock. Their debut album is forthcoming, and provisionally titled All You Need To Know. This four-track EP, however, is titled Runaway, which is also the name of the first track that proves to be the perfect introduction to the music of Ellenby.

Liz Young is the singer, while multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Ben Goddard provides the beautifully melodic music to accompany Liz's outstanding voice. Ben, incidentally, has had some experience in the West End, having starred in Jesus Christ Superstar of all infamous musicals.
Hopefully the part that he plays here in Ellenby will make him famous, especially since he evidently knows a great acoustic guitar-rooted melody when he writes one, as Runaway develops from its rather subdued opening bars into a pretty upbeat song once the drums kick in.

There is always a melancholic air to Ellenby's songs, as hopelessly romantic notions are shot through the music with an aching and longing vengeance.
Screaming hears gentle piano tinklings give way to another acoustic melody, before an electric guitar takes hold and provides a swaggering rock edge to this sophisticated and emotionally mature anthem that's vibrantly and catchily imbued with the soft-rock spirit of 80s AOR darlings Heart and T'Pau.
Liz sings with soul-baring tenderness, ever ready to hit any note - high or low - that best fits the way she is feeling. Indeed, she sounds to be blessed with a set of Celine Dion-sized lungs, consistently belting out touching vocal performances, whatever her prevailing mood.

The Dare introduces mouth organ and a delicate string arrangement into the slow-paced fray, before the atmospheric All You Need To Know brings this EP release to an end, proving that Ellenby's songs have the power to move above, and far, far beyond the call of duty.
Ellenby could quite literally break your heart, yet still lift your soul to new heights of consciousness.

So why not give them the time of day and Runaway with them?...

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