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Levelsound Music Ltd is the record label arm of the Levelsound Group which includes On The Level Ltd (Music Publishing Company), The Levels (Digital Recording Facility), SoundLevels (PA Company), Corporate Levels (Event Management and Production Company) and Rock 'n Pop Songs (Music Licensing Solutions). Rock and Pop in their widest sense are our main genres but guitar based Folk/ Country Rock are also featured.

Our goal:

In todays music world the independent label has taken on the important role it once held before the 'Majors' established the level of control which virtually dictates what we listen to and what we buy. We still need (and love!) the Majors!!!!! It is they who provide the clout, expertise and finance that can create global superstars.

However, new music, ideas, creativity and raw talent so often emerge through companies like Levelsound. Here we provide support and guidance to artists and bands as they develope AND offer them the artistic freedom so often needed to reach their real potential. The Majors are much more likely to take an interest in an artist with a product and a growing ripple in the music pond. That is the goal we set our company and the promise we make our artists.





Chapter Xiii
Reviews of single "Valentine"and Album "Dream Salvation"
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Thyrd Eye
Reviews of single "Say Something"
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Reviews of EP"Runaway" and Album "All You Need to Know"
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The Fondas
Reviews of singles "Lucky" and "Get Out" plus Album "Dirty Kicks"
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